Do you see what I see?

Probably not. Not unless you've completely buried yourself in a snowdrift so you don't spook the dogsled team as it mushes past. Or hung from a hot air balloon at 3,500 feet because you just had to get the perfect angle. Don't get me wrong, I do see things differently, but what I see with absolute clarity is the perfect shot that resides only in your imagination.

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Meet Michael

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Am I a perfectionist? Hell yeah I am. A prima donna? Ha! Not even close. I'm just a NY born and raised photographer who absolutely loves what he does and, so I've been told, is damn good at it. I approach my work from unique angles producing shots that not only tell a story, but will have the audience feel like they have a ring side seat wishing they were there.

And once we do work together you'll see I'm the kind of guy you wanna grab a beer with after we wrap. As a matter of fact, a fair number of my clients who have shot with me over the years have become lifelong friends.

So, c'mon, take the ride with me. You'll see I take every job as a new challenge and an opportunity to create visually exciting, stunning new work.

I love dogs, kids, and cars, but mostly I love working with great people.

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Mike Krinke

This is Jon

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Jonathan Hill and I have known each other since we were 5 years old. An accomplished photographer in his own right, when I have Jon on the set as my assistant, we can get the shots you need even with the tightest deadlines or when others say it's simply not possible, Jon and I can make it happen.

The Studio

If you're ever in the neighbor stop by and take a look or discuss an upcoming project, just call
(212) 627-5460

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